Is it safe to use exterior cleaning chemicals?

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Does your driveway or patio look dull and dirty? Do you want your gutters cleared of moss and leaves and to bring them back to life? Are you concerned about the use of exterior cleaning chemicals if you bring a company in to do it all for you?

Then let me explain why Supreme Exterior Clean is the company to put your mind at ease!

Protecting the Environment

Since my first window cleaning round over 20 years ago, I have seen the changes in the environment, and appreciate how we, as a nation, should be doing all we can to protect everything we have around us.

But I’ve also been aware of the developments in the products used in the exterior cleaning industry. Which is why I am so proud of my business and our values.

It’s great to know that you, our customers, are as concerned about the environment as we are. But I don’t want that to put you off living in a perfectly presented home. One which you are proud to drive home to every day, and one in which you can hand on heart say you support all that is eco-friendly.

Afterall, you want this planet to be here for your grandchildren, and great grandchildren, right?

Some of our customers ask for ‘chemical free cleaning’ which takes some explaining! Basically, there is no such thing as chemical free. Water itself has a chemical formula, H2O.

But, of course, there are more hazardous chemicals than water, which are the ones we steer clear of.

Exterior cleaning chemicals can be used ethically

Bearing in mind the kind of exterior cleaning jobs we are asked to carry out, we have to acknowledge that for some of these jobs, there is little alternative other than to use some form of chemical cleaning agent.

But we make sure everything we do is safe and ethical, and in as reduced concentration level as we can, whilst still getting the best result for you.

The main chemical used in our exterior cleaning services is Sodium Hypochlorite, which you may also know as ‘bleach.’

Does this put you off straight away, because of how you’ve always used it for cleaning the inside of your homes, toilets, work surfaces and even your drains? Do you immediately assume bleach is harsh, toxic, and therefore bad for the environment?

I totally understand! But the way we clean the outside of your homes and commercial buildings is slightly different. And bleach is biodegradable too.

It gets to work cleaning the surface, breaking down the stains, paint, natural biofilms, and microorganisms. And then it breaks down itself into water and salt, within 20 days of reaching the atmosphere. So, provided it’s stored correctly and used correctly, it’s not as bad as you may think.

Don’t worry about exterior cleaning chemicals with Supreme Exterior Clean

I mentioned earlier that I started this business with a regular window cleaning round and have seen concerns for the environment grow rapidly since then. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that I love to learn!

Supreme Exterior Clean has grown to be a highly recommended and reputable cleaning business. I keep up to date with the latest in cleaning technology, techniques, and products, and the team members all go through the same regular rigorous training.

We are proud to be recognised as the only authorised operator of SoftWash Systems in our operating areas.

Softwashing is the preferred solution for many exterior cleaning jobs because it doesn’t rely on the old-fashioned processes using high pressure washing, strong chemicals, or harsh scrubbing – all of which could cause irreparable damage to the surfaces we are cleaning, and the areas around them.

We use biodegradable products and gentle cleaning techniques.

We are also approved Stonehealth Operators, which allows us to use their environmentally-friendly products to restore and protect sensitive stoneworks. This takes specialist knowledge and expertise, in a way that continually supports protection of the environment.

And finally, all our team members are proficient in safe working not only for themselves, but for you, your loved ones, your property, and our environment. We carefully assess the job before we start work, ensure the surrounding areas are protected, and then leave you to enjoy the sparkling results!

So, if this has taken away some of your concerns, contact us to arrange a free quotation. Let me show you how Supreme Exterior Clean can be trusted to use exterior cleaning chemicals safely and ethically, for all your exterior cleaning needs!