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As well as looking unsightly a moss/algae infested roof can be bad news for your property.

This germination process can happen relatively quickly depending on the material that the roof is composed of, other contributing factors are the orientation of the roof and the actual situation of the house.

This process begins with the roof obtaining a yellow/green tinge, this can happen is as little as 12 months. You often do not know how long your new roof tiles have sat outside in a building warehouse yard and the warmer, wetter climate we see now contributes to the growth of these lichen.

As more and more of these lichen start to appear you will eventually have a well established colony living on and LITERALLY EATING your roof. These organisms are nature’s decomposers, they secrete acids as they feed which gradually breaks down and erodes roof tiles. This is why a brand new roof tile will have a smooth appearance whereas an older tile, even after it has been cleaned, can have a pitted appearance. This stage usually takes around 5 years to occur.

By year 12 you could have a carpet of moss covering the roof, some of these spores can creep under the tile, dislodging it slightly. The moss on the roof holds rainwater so your roof is remains wetter for longer, this causes the tiles to become more porous. A porous tile will hold a tiny amount of water but this water during a cold spell can cause water expansion causing the tile to crack. This along with possible water ingress due to dislodged tiles can lead to significant damage and costly repair bills.

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You should NEVER have your roof pressure washed! As already explained, the moss and algae on your roof are decomposers, they gradually break down larger items into smaller items until they become part of the soil and dirt. Water under very high pressure strips away materials that have been loosened by decomposition or ageing, this process is called erosion. Pressure washing is DESTRUCTIVE for cleaning roofs, you can’t clean away a decomposer with an eroder and not cause premature ageing to the surface. Pressure or power washing a roof will also invalidate most roof company warrantys.

Here at Supreme Exterior Clean we only clean roofs by means of softwash or DOFF steam treatments. At times it may be necessary to scrape away excess moss from the roof if it has become thick or carpet like. After this we apply our chemical softwash solution to kill all the spores etc on a microscopic level. A pressure wash alone would in effect give the growth a “haircut”, it would remove the visible algae etc but not the microscopic spores. As such the results of a chemical clean last 4-6 times as long as those of a pressure wash alone.

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We receive lots of great feedback from our exterior clean customers, take a look at some of our fantastic reviews.
Just had my roof cleaned and treated through Supreme Exterior Clean 2 days ago and really impressed with the finished job. My roof looked new and you can see the big difference to the exterior of the house. Found this company online and read the review, phone them and same day Edward came and gave me a quote. He's very friendly and price was transparent and reasonable. Booked them and they came on time (very punctual).Luke, Allen and Andy were very professional, courteous and friendly. The job was a whole day job and as soon as they arrived they started working first thing in the morning. Allen graciously answers my questions and explained everything to me. Could not fault them at all. I have already recommended them to my colleagues and friends. Will definitely use them again in the future.
Rodelaine W.
The lads did a real good job cleaning the roof and walls .I was really pleased with the service and I would recommend them
Ford F.
Roof clean steam cleaned and treated.Really impressed with the finished job. The team on-site were professional, friendly and made sure everything was completed to a very high standard.Excellent value for money, and given the house a complete face-lift. It’s not as expensive as you may think and really changes the appearance of your property.
Adrian R.
Having had all of my external areas cleaned over the last two days, including roof, patio, walls, fence, artificial grass to name a few.
I am amazed and extremely happy at the fantastic results that the guys have achieved, removing years of grime.
Nothing was too much trouble, efficient, professional, respectful at all times, from the initial contact to the end of the process.
I am one happy customer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking team. It’s been a pleasure, thank you all.
Karen T.
From the very first phone call enquiry I know this was a professional organisation. The Two workers were hard working, very pleasant and COVID safe in their practices for two full days. I live in a wooded area and have a large roof and the garage and rear of the house were particularly heavily covered in moss and lichen and gutters full. My roof looks practically brand new very pleased. One of the down drainpipes became blocked after the work and a quick phone call and they were immediately back to check and remedy the problem. Would highly recommend this service.
Julia A.
Ive just had a realy moss covered large extension cleaned, and sealed, from the initial quotation through to final clean, I can honestly say they are an exeptionaly profesional company, the service, and attention to detail were faultless. A genuine thank you, I was delighted with the end result, It looks like the roof was new, and a 5 year warranty to boot! A company I would definitely recommend.
Ian G.
The sales team were very knowledgable and the pricing was very transparent and explained in detail. Alan the technician was great, simplified all the technical points for me. Supreme cleaned and resanded my drive as well as emptied my gutters. They also treat my decking and its actually prevented a slippery surface during the wet and cold conditions. very tidy workers, extremely respectful and nothing was too much. Thank you so much. 5* company. definitely would recommend.
Emma A.
The sales team were very knowledgable and the pricing was very transparent and explained in detail. Alan the technician was great, simplified all the technical points for me. Supreme cleaned and resanded my drive as well as emptied my gutters. They also treat my decking and its actually prevented a slippery surface during the wet and cold conditions. very tidy workers, extremely respectful and nothing was too much. Thank you so much. 5* company. definitely would recommend.
Emma A.
All my patios, and gutters cleaned and window frames polished. Excellent job. They get straight on with the work and work constant. Came when they said they would. Could not fault them. Would certainly use them again.
Valerie R.
Very reliable. Never missed monthly cleaning of my windows. Fair price for a good job.
Cathy J.
We had some bad staining on one side of the house, over our white render after a blocked gutter had been overflowing for a while. We engaged SEC to clean the render on our whole house and while we didn’t think it was particularly dirty as it’s only 7 years old, we thought it might best to get it all cleaned.The whole house is now like brand new as if the render had just been done and the staining gone.The SEC team, lead by Mark, were prompt, courteous, efficient, cared about delivering a great result and good value.I would highly recommend SEC to anyone who has staining or dirt on their house and want to return it to new, which to my mind would add value and kerb appeal to any home.Great job guys, and I’d be happy to have you back when the house needs another clean!
Ian R.
This team is very professional, courteous, punctual and have done a very good quality job.Would recommend and intend to use them again
Amna A.
Very good job cleaning the render on our home, thank you
Angela R.
Thanks for coming out at short notice to clean our holiday cottage and pub windows ready for re-opening, great job!
Karen W.
Prompt window cleaners. Turn up when they say they will and clean the windows at a fast pace..
Brem S.
Fantastic work carried out on our patio yesterday, team showed up bang on time and the end result is amazing. Professional, genuine guys. Thank you!
Chris C.
Always send a text the day before they arrive. Windows are always cleaned well. Never a problem. Easy payment methods too.
Keith W.
It's such a relief to have reliable window cleaner, comes when they say, fantastic job done, no fuss, reasonable price.
Bessie R.
Polite and helpful - even if they do arrive VERY early in the morning!
Sylvia A.
Very pleased with the service - they were very happy to take us on as a new customer
Judith D.
We have our windows cleaned by Supreme Exterior Clean. Very professional and thorough job done. Would highly recommend.
Denise Cummings L.
Very polite men and they come to clean the windows when they say they will and will do extra if we ask them to. Very good service.
7 Silverton Terrace
Heather L.
An excellent and reliable service for my window cleaning I can recommend this business👍
Gillian B.
Excellent service, would highly recommend
Michele T.
Fab team, friendly and professional, and do their job well.
Hollie K.
Always provided really good service!

18 Moralee
Beth A.
Had our patio cleaned last week, absolutely thrilled with it.Thank you, excellent job, nice friendly guys who carried out the job.Received chocolate brownies in the post this morning which we thought was a lovely touch.Would 100% recommend this local company and would definitely use their service again.
Lynne G.
Had our roof and patios cleaned, the results look fantastic. Great service, very personable guys. Thanks Mark!
Nigel G.
Cannot fault Supreme Exterior Clean amazing service, friendly staff and a professional job done throughout. The brownies sent through post after to thank me for being a customer was a fabulous idea and a lovely touch thanks and highly recommended.
Kerry M.
I have had this company cleaning my second floor flat windows for the past two years and they are quick and efficient! would highly recommend 👍
Emily Kay H.
We are so confident of this…

We offer a 5 year spot free warranty

…on all of our roof cleans.