Why Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned?

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The primary reason that a client usually chooses to have their roof cleaned is to be more aesthetically pleasing. While this is a good reason there are other, arguably more important reasons to have your roof cleaned.

Micro organisms and spores are carried by the wind and displaced on your roof. Because of the moist and shaded environment these organisms thrive, sometimes in as little as 12 months your roof can obtain a yellow/green tinge. Soon small lichens and algae will start to appear and in as little as 5 years you can have a well established colony living on and literally EATING your roof. These organisms are natures decomposers, they secrete acids as they feed which breaks down and erodes roof tiles. A few years later and you can have a carpet of moss covering the roof, some of these spores can creep under the tile, dislodging it slightly.

This carpet of moss adds to the water retention on your roof. If left untreated for long enough, this dampness can begin to seep through the roof and, during the colder months, can cause the roof tiles to crack due to frost penetration.

Both of these scenarios reduce the structural integrity of your roof and can ultimately lead to very expensive repair bills, or even needing a new roof.

A roof clean from Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd guarantees you a clean roof for 5 years.*

*Terms and conditions apply