Roof treatment or roof replacement? Why prevention is better than the cure

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With so many things in life, why do we only tend to deal with them when they cause us a problem? That tiny stone chip in your windscreen, which you ignored for weeks? It’s now spread right across the glass. What could have been repaired in ten minutes is now an entire windscreen replacement. Your car is off the road, and it’s going to cost you a fortune. The same goes for home maintenance. Those few birds nesting around your roof have now damaged your solar panels beyond repair. What started as the odd few small piles of moss on your roof has now caused a serious leak into the house, and a whole patch of your roof needs replacing. We’ve all done it! So, in this blog, I’m going to explain in a little more detail, when it comes to exterior maintenance and roof treatment, why prevention is better than the cure. How a little attention and expert maintenance could save you from a whole roof replacement.

If there’s one thing about our homes that we take for granted, it’s the roof. How many times do you look up as you go from your car to your front door? Or deliberately stand back and survey your roof when you stand in your back garden? Exactly. So, you won’t see the odd tile that’s cracked. Or the small areas of moss and lichens happily growing away up there.

In fact, the roof is one of the most neglected and mistreated features of our homes. Yet, it’s one of the most important. It protects us from every extreme weather condition we endure here in the UK. From crazy scorching summer heat, thunder and lightning storms to icy cold rain and snow. And we just assume it will always be there to do its job. To protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the rest of our home.   

A clean roof, with perfectly lined tiles or slates, might not exactly be the most viewed or appreciated sight. But you’ll sure notice it and start to panic when there’s a few of those tiles missing. Roof cleaning and roof treatment are services which can be easily arranged with Supreme Exterior Clean. And we might just save you from unnecessary panic and expense.

Why poor roof maintenance can cause damage and excess cost

Moss and lichen growth – far from just causing an unpleasant sight, if moss, algae, and lichens are left to grow without treatment and moss removal, serious structural damage will be caused to the roof surface and potentially beneath. The tiles get ‘eaten away’ over time, creating indentations and a pitted effect. As water gathers in the mossy weaker areas, it will freeze and expand during cold weather. The tiles start to lift, and this eventually results in water ingress. Again, left without attention, this will cause further internal damage too.

Another problem is caused by heavy rain and snow falling on top of the excess water gathering and absorbed by the moss growths. This extra weight puts pressure on the already weakening roof.  

Efficiency – moss and lichens don’t reflect UV rays, as a clean and clear roof tile does, which means the roof becomes less efficient. Your home will lose more heat in the winter and absorb more heat in the summer, therefore increasing energy bills all year round.

Blocked or overflowing gutters – moss and debris carried onto the roof by birds and small animals is dropped or blown into the guttering surrounding your roof. Eventually, this too will become full, start to block the drainage, and overflow. Whilst this might not damage the roof itself, there is nowhere for the excess rainwater to flow to. Plus, the overflow of organic materials, sludge and green slime falls to the pathways immediately beneath. This causes dangerous slippery patches, as well as an unpleasant sight and smell.

How a roof treatment service can prevent costly roof replacement

You now know how roof damage can be caused. But with regular maintenance and our expert roof cleaning and roof treatment, such issues can easily be avoided. The roof cleaning process has been covered in another of our blogs in more detail. So, for now, as prevention is better than the cure, you’re probably wondering how we can stop the moss and lichens from becoming a problem and repeatedly offending?

The answer is quite simple, when you know how, and you have the correct equipment to do it!

But there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, as we have learned over the years. And with so many techniques and products available to us, a full assessment of the job at hand is always undertaken before we get to work. This will ensure we get the best result, and you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Supreme Exterior Clean use only environmentally friendly products. And our specialist biocide is mixed in just the right quantity with a strong cleaning agent, which means any existing and future spores will be destroyed before they have chance to settle in. We ensure that your property and the surrounding areas are kept safe during the roof cleaning and roof treatment process. And we ask for your loved ones (pets included) to be kept inside, just in case of any accidental spillages.

Why choose Supreme Exterior Clean for my roof treatment and moss removal?

All our team are trained and experienced in this specialist treatment. And we know you will be impressed with the outcome.

But just to give you extra peace of mind, we offer a Five-Year Spot Free Warranty.

By keeping on top of your roof maintenance, cleaning, and treatments, with our expert services we will ensure that your roof is clean for four-six times longer than with a standard clean, that it stays effective, and remains problem-free. With the added bonus that your gutters won’t overflow or need to be emptied anywhere near as often, as they’ll be moss-free too!

We strongly believe that when it comes to roof treatment or roof replacement, prevention is better than the cure! So, if you think this could be the answer to your problems, contact us to arrange your free quotation.   Let Supreme Exterior Clean save you the added expense, unnecessary worry, and the inconvenience of a roof replacement with our expert services.