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Isn’t it wonderful to see the outside of a building in pristine condition? To see stone and brickwork looking fresh and not covered in moss, dirt, or even worse, graffiti. OK so historic buildings will never be perfect, but they should still look impressive. Maintained and preserved well enough so our children, and their children, will be able to visit them for years to come. And what about our own homes? We want to keep those in perfect condition for all to see, don’t we? This is where masonry cleaning comes in.

It is inevitable that any exterior masonry will get dirty over time. But did you know it takes a specialist exterior cleaning service to clean safely and effectively? It’s not just something you can add to your to-do-list and hope that blasting away at your walls and pathways with the jet washer will do the job.

Without using the right masonry cleaning products and techniques, you could cause immediate damage. Or else longer term gradual deterioration, which isn’t quite so obvious to see, and why we continue to see it happening.

Of course, this applies to any stone, brick, granite, or terracotta construction, so it could mean you’re risking your driveway, pathways, patios, walls, or garden features. And the longer you try to solve the problem yourself, the more damage you could be causing.

What dirt appears on masonry?

Dirt is basically any unwanted material that soils the surface, leaving it unclean. In terms of masonry cleaning, it could be any of the following examples:

  • Dust, mud, clay.
  • Algae, lichens, moss.
  • Efflorescence (which you can read more about in our Efflorescence blog) and hard water deposits.
  • Graffiti, paint.
  • Excess mortar, tar, asphalt, oil, or grease.
  • Rust, carbon, or copper stains.

But it’s not just the surface dirt itself that causes potential problems.

Why is professional masonry cleaning necessary?

As we’ve just highlighted, any natural exterior stone and masonry cleaning is best left to the experts, as it requires specialist knowledge and equipment.

We are often called after our customers have tried to clear up the dirt and staining from natural growth such as mould and lichens, as well as unsightly damage where they’ve attempted to clean off graffiti, weather damage, and efflorescence (white powdery substance) from the outside of their buildings.

Many people think that pressure washing, and harsh chemicals, are the answer to their masonry cleaning problems. But what this can potentially do is destroy the protective coating on the surface, leaving it open to the effects of weathering, collecting more of the dirt and build-up of stains that you are trying to prevent, and resulting in more rapid corrosion.

Whether we are working on new properties or older constructions, Supreme Exterior Clean take our time to thoroughly examine the surface to be cleaned, along with surrounding areas. Not only to assess which product and cleaning technique will be best, but also to make sure we protect any existing damaged areas.

So, before getting to work, there are various things we must consider before we clean the surface in the most efficient and effective way, so that it is cleaned now, and to prevent it returning where possible:

  • What type of dirt is it?
  • Is it biological, chemical, organic?
  • Is the dirt causing any additional damage to the masonry?
  • What kind of masonry are we cleaning? Along with the type of dirt this will determine the cleaning technique and products we will use.
  • Can the dirt be removed without causing damage to the surface?
  • Will the type of cleaning we need to use last, and prevent further dirt returning?

It’s also vital, particularly when we’re working on older properties, that we understand our customer’s ‘objective’ for our cleaning services. Do they want a stain-free surface and a perfect finish? Are they wanting the building to stay grime-free and protected from further organic growth? Is this cleaning service to enable them to assess any damage beneath the surface and help preserve the building’s structure?

Why choose Supreme Exterior Clean for masonry cleaning

Here at Supreme Exterior Clean, we are proud to be an appointed Stonehealth Approved Operator. The entire team is trained and experienced in the cleaning and preservation of natural and sensitive stone.

So, regardless of the age of your property or stonework to be cleaned, we have the knowledge and skills to take care of your needs.

We are also the only exterior cleaning business in the North East and West Midlands to have been approved to provide SoftWash Systems, which we not only use for stonework, but also roof cleaning and render cleaning.

So, with our industry-leading equipment and specialist techniques, we are the company to call for all professional exterior cleaning and masonry cleaning services in your area. Contact us to arrange your no obligation, free quotation and let us bring your stonework back to life!