How to find the best exterior cleaners in your area

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Is the outside of your home looking sad and sorry for itself? Do you wish you could turn back the clock before the brickwork started to look green and murky? The roof wasn’t covered in moss. And your driveway looked welcoming to your friends and family? You know all this could be sorted if you could just find someone reliable, trustworthy, and experienced in bringing your home back to life. But you don’t know where to start looking. Well, here’s some hints and tips on how to find the best exterior cleaners in your area.

As a family business, Supreme Exterior Clean is even more conscious than most exterior cleaners that your house is not just the bricks and mortar surrounding you and your loved ones.

It’s your home. You should be happy, relaxed, and safe there. And you want it to look perfect from the outside too.

So, we also know that it’s important you don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable by so-called ‘professional contractors’ when you’re looking for a good cleaner, builder, plumber, electrician or any other tradespeople.

We recognise that not every business shares the same values as us, and that you can be caught out by the ‘cowboy’ contractors. So, we make it our mission to always provide the most professional service, at the fairest price, and we love being recommended, and welcomed back, by our customers year after year!

Ask for recommendations – this will put your mind at ease that you’re dealing with professionals who will stick to their word, turn up when they say they will, and do a job you will love and be proud to recommend too.

We have customer testimonials and references which we are happy to share, or else you can see them on our website. You will see why we are proud to be considered the best exterior cleaners in your area!

Trade organisations – reputable contractors of any kind are usually accredited, or members of a trade organisation which oversees their members in terms of quality, level of service, and feedback.

Supreme Exterior Clean Ltd is the only SoftWash Systems approved exterior cleaner in the North East and West Midlands. And we are a member of the Stonehealth Approved Operators trade organisation.

A quality, professional service is guaranteed every time, no matter how big or small your exterior cleaning requirements are.

Quotations – ask for quotations, more than one if possible. But make sure you ask for the same from each company, so you have a genuine comparison. Is it a free, no-obligation quotation? Is there likely to be any change from the original quote to the final price? Your contractor should never ask for full payment up front, so make sure you are clear on the payment terms.

At Supreme Exterior Clean, we believe in transparency with all our jobs. The quote is our best price, and we never leave you with any nasty surprises when it comes to the final costs.

Insurance – different trades will require different insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of your contractor’s insurance to give you peace of mind. They should be happy to show you and explain what their insurance covers too. That way, you know you are secure, but also it may be relevant to ask about the areas around your home. For instance, would you neighbour’s property also be covered if anything accidental or untoward were to happen?

Obviously, this depends on what work you are having done. But rest assured, we have the technical aspect of our exterior cleaning services covered too and will gladly show you a copy of our insurance certificate.

Qualifications and Experience – again, not all trades are the same in terms of what qualifications are needed, but you can always ask!

To be sure you are hiring the best exterior cleaners or other contractors, ask how long they have been in business, what type of projects they’ve been involved in, and why you should hire them instead of any other. What makes them stand out from the rest?

We love that question!

Why are Supreme Exterior Clean the best exterior cleaners in your area?

Here at Supreme Exterior Clean, we not only do the job you ask us to do and do it well. But because of the years of experience, in all outside cleaning work, we can spot things whilst we’re doing our job that might need some care and attention. Even if it’s from another contractor such as a builder, electrician, or experienced roofer for instance.

We clean parts of your home that you don’t get to see. So, if we spot something a little concerning with your roof or your gutters, we will let you know. If we see a problem with your paths and driveway whilst we are cleaning them, we will advise. You can trust us to keep you safe.

Yes, we use the most appropriate techniques for the surfaces we are cleaning. We are conscious of the environment, so use market leading eco-friendly products. And take extreme pride in every job we complete. But we also help you keep your home in tip top condition, meticulously cleaned, and help you prevent future damage.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation quotation, and get your roof, cladding, windows, patio, and the entire outside of your home ship shape and grime free! We stand out as the best exterior cleaners in the North East and West Midlands, because we make your home stand out from the rest!