Five ways Supreme Exterior Clean are environmentally responsible

Supreme Exterior Clean - Property Cleaning in Newcastle

As the exterior cleaning professionals in the North East and West Midlands, we are conscious of providing a great service to all our customers every time. And we have a strong commitment across the entire team to being a “green” company. So, we are avid supporters of environmentally responsible cleaning, doing our bit to help the planet in every way we can.

You trust us with cleaning your property, and we regard how we operate, along with high levels of customer satisfaction, above profits in our business.

Not only do we take care of your property as we are doing our job, but we also consider the land, water, air, and wider environment surrounding it too.

Since we started Supreme Exterior Clean, we have continually progressed, kept up to date with the most efficient cleaning techniques, and maintained an amazing team ethos of pride and professionalism.

And, of course, over the last 20 plus years in business, we’ve also seen many changes in the environment. Which is why we continue to advance and provide a highly rated environmentally responsible exterior cleaning service.

Biodegradable Cleaning

Supreme Exterior Clean is proud to be recognised as a SoftWash Systems professional brand representative. All SoftWash Systems cleaning products are designed to be biodegradable.

Our soft washing service is an exterior cleaning technique that involves using a harmless chemical solution, at low pressure, to remove biofilms (organic matter) which have built up on the surface over time. Being biodegradable, the cleaning product breaks down the biofilm into carbon and water, which then ‘disappears’ into the atmosphere.

This means no additional unnecessary rinsing, as ‘mother nature’ sees to most of that.

And because the cleaning process does not involve any excessive high-pressure jet washing, there is no wasted product being washed into the environment or accidentally splashed over the surrounding areas. Other sections of your property, your garden, and your neighbour’s property will all be safe.

By using this cleaning technique, all we leave behind is a clean, sanitised surface!

Non-hazardous Cleaning

The fact that we only use non-hazardous cleaning products is a win-win!

Your property and surrounding areas are at no risk of hazardous chemicals. Our drivers require no special licenses to either carry, or use, the products. And storage is no problem for us when the products are not in use.

All this means we can operate safely and ethically within our industry.

We know we are doing all we can without having to take, or advise you, of any special precautions, and to support environmentally responsible cleaning. Which is why Supreme Exterior Clean receives such amazing customer feedback and why we’re regularly recommended.

Water-based Products

SoftWash Systems recognise water as one of the purest, most natural, things on Earth, so their cleaners are all water-based.

They contain no harmful solvents or phosphates. And place no threat on the environment.

The rate that demand for SoftWash Systems has grown here in the UK proves that we are becoming more environmentally conscious.

And by us spreading awareness of the most effective eco-friendly products throughout our range of cleaning services, we know you will have no hesitation in contacting Supreme Exterior Clean when it comes to your professional exterior cleaning requirements.


VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, are particles in the air containing hazardous compounds. Many of which are human-made chemicals used in the manufacture of paints, protective coatings, pharmaceuticals amongst other products.

Why is this these relevant in talking about being environmentally responsible? Many VOCs are harmful to human health and wellbeing, and to the environment.

Another reason for us wanting to be associated with the SoftWash Systems brand is because the cleaning process and chemicals used conform to the EU Air Quality Management Standard. And, as a result, no harmful VOCs are released during our cleaning services.

Fossil Fuel Free Cleaning

Soft washing is an innovative exterior cleaning technique which uses as little fossil fuel-based energy in its process as possible.

Although it was initially designed for roof cleaning to not only clean but protect and reduce the risk of any further damage to roof tiles by applying excessive pressure whilst washing, soft washing has been further developed so we can use it for many of our exterior cleaning services.

We use SoftWash Systems technology, because with low power usage, and solar and DC charging capability, we very rarely have to use fossil fuel-powered equipment.

This is a real benefit for all of us, as we know how awkward it can be to hear generators and high-powered machines in a peaceful neighbourhood or humming away in the background whilst you’re working from home.

Why Supreme Exterior Clean are the environmentally responsible exterior cleaners for you

As a family business, with over 20 years’ experience in our trade, we not only want to provide you with an excellent exterior cleaning service you would be proud to recommend to your friends and family. We also want you to know we’re doing all we can to protect our environment for our future generations.

So, by using Supreme Exterior Clean for your roof, paths and driveway, window cleaning and window frame restoration you, too, can be confident your exterior cleaning is carried out by the most environmentally responsible and professional exterior cleaning company in the North East and West Midlands areas. Contact us today to discuss any of your exterior cleaning requirements and to schedule a no-obligation quotation.